Homeschoolin’ Pt 3: The Sheltered Christian

Let’s get back to this homeschool freak out sesh.  In Part 1, I let all of my stereotypes hang out about families that homeschool.  The sheltered Christian kids with no social life, no friends, and no knowledge of the real world.  Don’t look at me like that.  You thought it, too.

So I guess it’s safe to assume that one of the biggest reason most people assume I’m homeschooling is because we’re a perfect Christian family who can spout Bible verses on command and shout “Hi-Diddly-Ho, neighbor!” to every person that crosses our paths.  Yeah, no.  Wrong on all counts.


First, we are followers of Christ, but we are not perfect.  If we were perfect we wouldn’t need to believe in or worship a perfect God or any god at all for that matter.  Second, I know a good number of Bible verses but please don’t put me on the stand.  I’ll plead the fifth.  tumblr_lgooplwshq1qfb1pvo1_400

And in regards to speaking to my neighbors, I say hello most of the time.  But the amount of cheer depends heavily on the time of day.  I’m no Ned Flanders.

Now let’s get back to the assumption at hand:  I am not homeschooling just because we’re Christians.  My main reasons can be found in my post on smashing traditions.  Is it a bonus that my daughter will get to pray, worship, and honor Christ during school hours?  Heck yes.  But I also believe wholeheartedly in bursting the Christian bubble wide open.

Contrary to very popular belief, Christianity is not some members only club where outsiders are not allowed.  However, that is how I once felt before I stepped out of my lukewarm lifestyle (Correction: I  was actually ejected forcefully and without my permission.  That’s a whole ‘nother story).  I felt like nothing I did would be good enough to be one of those “Christians,” so why even bother.  But along with smashing traditions, I am also all about smashing the traditional notions of  what a Christian should be (Or what it was to begin with.  Confused on this point?  Refer to the entire New Testament.  The church then would’ve been considered radical compared to our Sunday meeting, politically correct, whitewashed version we call Christianity now).

I’m getting off topic….back to me not being perfect.

Because guess what?  I don’t always follow the speed limit.  I curse people out in my mind and sometimes out loud.  I don’t always let that person in who’s trying to merge.  I could go on, but the point is I am broken and full of voids that I’ve found can only be healed and completed by a savior.

And to be honest, everybody is in search of something and attempting to fill the void however they can.  For some, this is sex.  For others, it’s the approval of others.  But for me, the only thing that’s outlasted and completely satisfied beyond all of these things is Christ.  That’s what I’d been searching for.  So it’s my job to share this with as many people as possible.  But it is not my job to condemn, judge, or act like you can’t sit with me because you haven’t come to a similar conclusion.  That’s not loving or acting like a Christian.  That’s shoving people away and acting like a jerk.

So even though I want to protect my child, I don’t want her to grow up unaware and ignorant of how the things in this world beyond our front door (or the church pew for that matter).  How would she understand how to shine a light if she didn’t know the darkness existed?  And let’s be real here.  I’ve met some families whose kids only know church friends and only attend church functions.

But as a parent, I must be conscience of guiding and not sheltering.  Preparing for ugly and beautiful truths, not masking with white lies and fairy tales.

So if you homeschool, I say go ahead.  Let your children get to know kids outside of your bubble.  Let them experience life outside of your reach.  Let them discover the answers to life’s toughest questions (and please don’t lie to them about where babies come from).  Let them figure out how God’s word applies to real life situations.  Under your guidance.  Not inside your cinder block walls stock-piled with padding and band-aids for every boo boo.


Because some falls need to hurt.  And I’d rather her learn the lessons when I’m there to help her get back up than when she’s on her own with no idea how to navigate rough waters.  And on the other hand, you never know how much those encounters and friendships might change a life.  Someone else’s, theirs, or even your own.

I just bursted your Christian bubble.  And I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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