Obedience is annoying. But it is so worth it.

“Faith is obedience without knowing the outcome.” – Me.  That’ll preach.

I recently had a discussion with my fellow small groupers that was particularly interesting.  There were so many quotables, but of course I can only remember what I said.  Typical Roz.

Anyways, the discussion was such a powerful one because it was regarding one of the most talked about, preached on, theorized, theologicalized, criticized, and misunderstood topics when it comes to Christianity or anything remotely religious.

Faith.  What does it mean.  What defines it.  How do you get more of it.  And so on and so forth.

The above quote was my conclusion that I had come to regarding faith.  And it was what changed my mind about being a follower of Christ instead of falling back into doubt.  This thought process saved me from absentminded apathy that so many people and particularly Christians suffer from.

And once you start living this way, you will soon realize that obedience can be somewhat annoying.  It is annoying to jump into or out of something without knowing what will happen next.  You might come to resent it.  You might do what I did and start giving God the silent treatment because you’d rather do what you want than continue to take even the babiest step of faith.  That didn’t work, by the way, so don’t do that.

When you’re truly walking in the freedom of Christ, you are led by your convictions.  You make better choices and decisions because you want to please God.  But when you’re still under the restraints of religion, your convictions serve only to make you feel guilty, shameful.  None of which are the promises of Christ (Romans 8:1-2).  Your obligations to please God are only done to avoid consequences.  You are living chained to the law instead of living under grace.  And that is not what Christ died for (Matthew 5:17, Galatians 5:1).

Besides, people pleasing is exhausting.  I mean literally life draining.  Living to please God is inspiring, fulfilling, and filled with power…even in times of trouble.  Because when you look to people in your suffering, their opinions, likes, or follows will always fail you.  But when you lean on, depend on, and look to him in good times and bad, there is freedom even in the tears.  And that is faith.  So if you want to understand and grow in your faith, just continue to be obedient.  Even in the little things.  And though it may be annoying in the process, watch how worth it it will be in the end.

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