Moving on…

Wow.  It’s been a long time.  But I have a reason!  I moved.  I’m adulting.  I’m working like a maniac.  I’m good at making excuses.

Like, for real.  I’m the best excuse maker there is.  Ask me to do something that I don’t really want to do and I will come up with an excuse so great and convincing that you’ll leave wanting to help me do the thing that I used to excuse myself from the situation.  I’m pretty sure this is something I shouldn’t be proud of, but old habits are hard to break.

The long and short of it is that I just kept giving myself a pass as to why I didn’t have time to write.  And people have different whys for blogging.  Some want recognition.  Others feel stifled in real life and just want to be heard.  But I believe writing out my beliefs and life moments allows me to understand not just my own view, but the views of others, as well.  I’m one of those strange people that values a good disagreement more than having a bunch of friends who think everything I do is perfect.  Plus, life is no fun when everyone thinks, wears, and does the same thing you do.

So now that I’ve recognized the plethora of excuses I was using to keep me away from blogging for so long, let’s get back to fun stuff.

Like, I stated earlier….I moved!  I finally bought my first condo and I am completely remodeling and DIY’ing it up for the el cheapo.  Because I’m probably the most frugal person you’ll ever meet.  And also because I’ve discovered that Pinterest is like Google for hobbies.  Lord, help me.

So, until next time (which won’t be next month) here’s an Instagram filtered pic of my journey to home ownership with something super deep in the caption:


My journey to home ownership has been a difficult one. I was employed, laid off, then self-employed. I’ve been a bread winner and a not-so-bread winner. I am a single mother. I am a business owner who has yet to see real dividends. And even though it may not look like it from the outside, God has worked incredible miracles and bestowed amazing favor in the struggles and through the pain. The process may not have been pretty, but the outcome and the realization that His promises are not void and are still unfolding is incomparable. I could have given up, I could have believed the lies that I was crazy to be obedient to someone I’ve never seen or believe 2,000 year old truths. But in this moment there are no words. Just testimony and fact. The testimony that I should not be here, but the fact that I am. Because God.

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