And so it begins…

So today was Monkey’s first day of Kindergarten. I mean, really. Time is flying in the most annoying and awesome way.

Here’s documentation that I’m getting older and so is she:


As a mom, people never tell you that it would be possible to feel multiple simultaneous emotions all at the same time at any given moment regarding the same person.  For instance, this morning dropping her off at school, I felt both excited and scared. Relieved and terrified. A little sad and incredibly proud.

And also…..wanting to choke her for not brushing her teeth when I asked and in awe of how cute she was in her uniform. Or irritated at her snails pace of getting ready while also admiring her laid back approach to everything life. I envy that.

But when all was said and done, the only thing that was a constant during all of this, and has remained since I embarked on this journey…is an overwhelming sense of peace.

Peace that I made the right decision. Peace that I am walking in God’s will. Peace that I am doing the right thing for myself and for Monkey. And peace that I will not fail.

And not surprisingly, a lot of folks have been asking what in the world made me do something like this in the first place. The questions have been non-stop. And understandably so. Some out of concern, some out of curiosity. But, regardless of the motives they always understand completely in the end.

I’ve explained these reasons in previous posts, but never explained where and how this incredibly insane thought originated in the first place. I’ve presented my experience in numbered list format, because apparently people like lists. So here you go:

1) I was praying in my prayer closet. Yes, I actually have a closet that I go into to pray. I write prayers on the wall. I talk with my Father. I listen. I cry. I cry out. I smile. I complain. I repent. I express gratitude. And so on and so forth. If you are a mom, or a human, I recommend you get one. It is the only place on planet Earth where I can meet Him face to face without distractions.

2) I was praying about something completely unrelated to homeschool. Possibly sprinkles and unicorns. Or maybe it was bacon and doughnuts. I hear there’s an impending shortage.

3) There was a pressing, heavy thought of homeschooling. Not an audible voice.  No thunderbolts and flashes of lightning.

4) I ignored it because….well just because I thought bacon was more important at the moment.

5) I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind for days. At that moment, I knew I was ducking and dodging on purpose. Don’t do that. He’ll just keep pestering you.

6) I researched and Googled because that’s what good millenials do.

7) I found a couple schools and Googled some more.

8) I doubted.

9) I went to some open houses, and felt peace. Overwhelming peace that hasn’t left since.

10) I gave in and decided I didn’t know more than the One who created me. Still not sure why this is so hard for humans.

11) Monkey had her first day of school today and I in no way regret steps 1-10 or doubt God’s hand or his presence in every aspect.

12) I might feel differently about 1-11 after tomorrow because it’s our first actual homeschool day. Yikes.