“There’s so much to see…”

Coney Island and all its splendor.

Last month, the Monkey and I went on a whirlwind adventure of the Big Apple.  And when I say adventure, I truly mean it.  We landed, got an unlimited pass for transit and rode the bus or subway from Brooklyn to Queens to Harlem to Times Square to Staten Island to Manhattan to Coney Island and everything in between.  On most days we visited at least 3 boroughs and managed to see absolutely everything she wanted to see.  We had no plan, no prepaid passes.  Just a willingness to see everything we could stuff into our 5 day journey.

And I have to admit that when booking this trip I thought we would only see one major attraction per day.  I mean she’s five, has little legs, and I don’t really like love people.  But despite its busyness and overwhelming population, we managed to make New York feel small.

We took our lessons on history, geography, ecology, biology, paleontology, astronomy, and *ahem* crowd etiquette on the road.  Basically, I turned our vacation into one massive field trip and I allowed her to take the lead.  Each day she chose what we would do and where we would explore and I just tagged along….and paid for stuff.

So I guess the lesson here for me was when you make learning feel, look, at smell like adventure, everyone benefits.  And no one whines or complains or throws hissy fits about absolutely nothing.

We also got free donuts from the diner in Park Slope because my kid’s so stinkin’ cute.  FREE DONUTS.  And that made the entire trip well worth it.

Free donuts taste better.

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